Ellie is a toddler with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS), a rare and lifelong genetic disorder of the Central Nervous system that results in reduced or shallow breathing. This causes low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels in her blood.

Ellie had been in the hospital since her birth and her breathing had been maintained by an ICU ventilator. When she was about 5 months old, her parents and the hospital started trying to find a ventilator that would allow her to go home. A ventilator was needed that would be sensitive enough to recognize the changes in her breathing and respond to give the ventilatory support needed. Ellie responded very well to the sensitive triggering of the Vivo 65 and was released home from the hospital.

Says Ellie’s mom, The Vivo 65 has been life changing for our Ellie. This ventilator has an in-line EtCO2 and pulse oximeter, along with parameter settings that no other home ventilator has. The Vivo flexes with Ellie’s breaths, therefore making her most comfortable. Because of these minimum and maximum settings, Ellie is able to initiate all breathing when she is not tired, but then the vent kicks into backup mode when necessary. The Vivo 65 is the #1 source of preventing Ellie’s lungs from getting atrophy while still maintaining the support she needs. This ventilator is easy to navigate, lightweight, and very user friendly. We could not be more pleased with the Vivo 65!”


The Vivo 65 flexes to Ellie’s ventilatory needs with the help of Breas patented eSync technology. Target Volume mode and leak compensation adjusts on a breath by breath basis. Continuous EtCO2 monitoring enables her parents to monitor her ventilation status whenever she is on the ventilator at night providing peace of mind that Ellie is getting the support she needs. As she grows and her sleep improves, she will be able to use the Vivo 65 less and less during the day.