What is eSync?

  • eSync is a unique, patented* inspiratory trigger technology only available in Breas ventilators.
  • eSync measures the energy of inspiratory effort on a breath by breath basis.
  • eSync is very sensitive to the patient inspiratory effort.
  • eSync is leak independent and thereby provides comfortable, synchronous ventilation.

* Patent WO 200605433

How does it work?

Diaphragmatic movement generates patient inspiratory effort​. Patient inspiratory effort causes an acceleration of airway gas flow​.

  • eSync Technology senses inspiration effort energy by measuring Flow to calculate airway gas Flow Velocity and in turn Flow Velocity Acceleration.
  • eSync’s trigger mechanism requires that the Flow Velocity accelerates above a clinician set trigger threshold to generate a ventilator triggered breath.

Flow Velocity Acceleration Breath Triggers

  • The Flow Velocity (black line) is calculated from the measured flow of the ventilator circuit.
  • Flow Velocity Acceleration (blue line) is derived from the Flow Velocity Curve.
  • The set Trigger Level is the straight, red line.
  • Ventilator initiated breaths are triggered when an upslope Flow Velocity Acceleration crosses the Trigger Level shown at points A, B and C.

eSync – Inspiratory Breath Trigger Levels

• Trigger levels can be set to values from 1 to 9 where 1 is the most sensitive, 9 is the least sensitive setting.

• Inspiratory trigger levels are set to be sensitive enough to capture patient inspiratory effort but not overly sensitive to create unwanted and uncomfortable early triggers.

• Trigger Level sets exist for adult and pediatric patients.

• Low inspiratory effort = Slow acceleration -> low trigger setting e.g. 1–4

• High inspiratory effort = Fast acceleration -> higher trigger setting e.g. 5–9

eSync – Leak Independence

• A ventilator breath is triggered when an upslope Flow Acceleration curve crosses the Trigger Level at point A.

• Triggers only occur for accelerating flow. If the flow velocity is slow or constant as occurs with leaks, the flow acceleration is near zero. This is illustrated at point B where the Flow Velocity is no longer accelerating so the Flow Acceleration Curve collapses to near zero, well below the trigger level.

eSync’s inspiratory trigger is a unique, patented technology that no other ventilation company can provide. It enhances patient comfort by breathing with the patient, not for the patient. The leak
independent trigger helps avoid the asynchronous interaction between the patient and ventilator caused by leaks.

To learn more about eSync, please contact your Breas sales representative.