What is eSync?

  • eSync is an unique, patented inspiratory trigger technology only available in Breas ventilators and Bi-level devices.
  • eSync’s leak independent trigger helps avoid uncomfortable asynchronous auto-triggered breaths.
  • eSync is ultra sensitive to weak patient inspiratory effort, even in the presence of patient circuit leaks.


How does eSync work?

  • Unlike traditional flow triggers that use estimated patient flow, eSync measures the change in actual total flow to detect inspiratory onset.
  • Use of the change in actual total flow makes patient inspiratory effort independent of leak.
  • Use of the change in actual flow makes eSync very sensitive, even in the presence of leak.

How does eSync stack up to traditional triggers?

eSync Triggers Table

eSync − patented Breas technology

  • Measures change in flow 250 times/sec (every 4 msec).
  • Recognizes the changes from expiration to inhalation by examining the change in flow (called the eSync Signal).
  • When the measured change in flow increases at a rate higher than the set eSync trigger level threshold for 3 consecutive measurement points (12 msec), a triggered breath is recognized and delivered.
eSync Flow Measurement
eSync Graph

eSync − How to set trigger sensitivity

  • Inspiratory trigger levels reflect the change in total flow needed to start an inspiration. I.e., the steepness of the flow curve.
  • Trigger Level set exist for adult and pediatric mode. The trigger levels 1 & 2 have an increased sensitivity threshold in pediatric mode.
  • 1 is the most sensitive, 9 is the least sensitive trigger level setting.

→ It is common to start at trigger level 2 or 3, then adjust to minimize work of breathing and/or avoid auto triggering.

eSync Trigger Levels

eSync’s inspiratory trigger is a unique, patented technology that no other ventilation company can provide. It enhances patient comfort by breathing with the patient, not for the patient. The leak
independent trigger helps avoid the asynchronous interaction between the patient and ventilator caused by leaks.

To learn more about eSync, please contact your Breas sales representative.


COR-SAL-MAR-000332 Rev2