What is Mouthpiece Ventilation (MPV)?

MPV can be used to provide daytime non-invasive respiratory support via a mouthpiece or straw. With MPV, patients intentionally generate a succession of disconnections (partial or complete) and reconnections to the ventilator. In other words, patients choose, with every inspiration, the amount of air which they want to inhale, adjusting the seal with their lips on the mouthpiece. An active, complete seal ensures an almost full tidal volume (±100%) set in the volume-cycled ventilator, while a more relaxed, incomplete seal will ensure either partial or as little as no inhaled tidal volume (from 0 to 99%) Theoretically, leaks will not cause discomfort because they are decided and controlled by the patient. This statement is true for volume-cycled mode, but not for pressure-cycled modes. In pressure-cycled modes, leaks can cause discomfort due to uncontrollable leak compensation, leading, in turn, to difficult speaking and perilous swallowing during MPV.

For more information download this paper on MPV.

Clinical Takeaway MPV

MPV Flexible Arm Assembly with Patient Interface