Breas offers a wide range of accessories for its ventilators and CPAP devices to facilitate their use in the hospital and home environments. To find more information about which accessories can be used with which devices, please search the table below.


A range of patient circuits is available for the iSleep, Vivo and Z1 and Z2 devices.


Monitoring is crucial to assess the quality of ventilation. The Vivo 45 LS, Vivo 65 and Vivo 50 offer integrated monitoring of FiO2, SpO2 and EtCO2.


Mobility is essential for quality of life. The Vivo 45 LS, Vivo 65 and Vivo 50 ventilators and the Z1/Z2 CPAPs are available with click-on battery solutions for mobile use.

Article numberProduct nameImageZ1 / Z2 CPAPZ1 / Z2 Auto
005767PowerShell with Extended Life Batteryblue-dotblue-dot
006910Extended Life Batteryblue-dotblue-dot
005757Custom USB Cableblue-dotblue-dot
0057974 foot Slim Style Tubeblue-dotblue-dot
0069086 foot Slim Style Tubeblue-dotblue-dot
005788Polyester Filter (2 pack)blue-dotblue-dot
005779Custom Tube Adapterblue-dotblue-dot
005998Heat / Moisture Exchange Unit (HME)blue-dotblue-dot
005755Z1 Power Supply USblue-dotblue-dot
006005Replacement kit, Qtubeblue-dotblue-dot
005775Plastic Filter End Capblue-dotblue-dot
009001Z2 Travel Bagblue-dotblue-dot
Product nameCategoryImageVivo 30Vivo 40Vivo 50Vivo 65 Vivo 45 LS
002063SpO2 Finger clip sensorMonitoring & sensorsiOxy014_web
002064SpO2 Flex (Nonin 8000J)Monitoring & sensorsiOxy025_web
002185Memory Card ReaderMonitoring & sensors
003519Carrying bagBags003519_carryingbag_web
003563Filter (grey, washable), 5 pcsCircuits & filters
003564Filter (white, disposable), 5 pcsCircuits & filters
003574iSleep-iCom data cableMonitoring & sensors
003584External DC cable (EB2)Power, batteries & cables
003588Vivo-PC data cablePC Software
003590swivel assembly (elbow)Other
003591Rear lidOther
003619Memory cardMonitoring & sensors003619_CompactFlash_Card_web
003974Hygroscopic condenser, 50 pcs/boxCircuits & filters003974_Hygroscopic_Condensor_web
004145Vivo PC software kitPC Software
004185Low resistance bacteria filter (303 Respirgard-II Filter), 50 pcsCircuits & filters
004258Cigarette lighter cablePower, batteries & cables
004262Users manual Vivo 30 ENManuals
004263Clinician's manual Vivo 30 ENManuals
004264Users manual Vivo 40 ENManuals
004265Clinician's manual Vivo 40 ENManuals
004426Swivel Leakage portCircuits & filters
004430Clinicians quick guide Vivo 30 / 40 ENManuals
004448User quick guide Vivo 30 / 40 ENManuals
004559Click-on battery Li-IonPower, batteries & cables
004886USB cable A-BPower, batteries & cables004886_USB_Cable_A-B_web
004891Nurse call cable NoAlarmsNurse_Call_Cable
004892Nurse call cable NcAlarmsNurse_Call_Cable
004893Nurse call cable No, 10K OhmAlarmsNurse_Call_Cable
004894Nurse call cable Nc, 10K OhmAlarmsNurse_Call_Cable
004895Cable for oxygen sensor (FiO2)Monitoring & sensorsCable_For_Oxygen_Sensor_web
004896Remote alarm cable 10mAlarms004896_004897_004898_Cable_For_Remote_Alarm_10m_25m_50m_web
004897Remote alarm cable 25mAlarms004896_004897_004898_Cable_For_Remote_Alarm_10m_25m_50m_web
004898Remote alarm cable 50mAlarms004896_004897_004898_Cable_For_Remote_Alarm_10m_25m_50m_web
004899Cigarette lighter connector 24/24Power, batteries & cablesExternal_Battery_Cable_24_V_DC_web
00490112-24 converterPower, batteries & cables004901_12-24V_Converter_web
004903CO2 SensorMonitoring & sensors004903_CO2_Sensor_web
004909Patient Air Inlet filter (grey, washable), 5 pcs Circuits & filters004909_Patient_Air_Inlet_Filter_5pc-pack_Washable_web
004910Patient Air Inlet filter (white, disposable), 10 pcsCircuits & filtersVivo50_60_Tillb_4910_176_web
004939Carry bag (Function: storage for transportation only. Do not use with an operating ventilator) See 006344 to protect an operating Vivo 50 or 65 Ventilator.Bags004939_Carry_Bag_web
004970Clinician's manual Vivo 50 USManuals
005003Operating manual Vivo 50 ENManuals005003_Vivo50_Operating_Manual(English)_web
005009Packing, complete (for shipping)Other005009-Packing-complete-Vivo-50_60-web
005032Oxygen adapter low pressureCircuits & filters005032_OXygen_Adapter_Low_Pressure_web
005036Remote alarm incl cable 10mAlarms005036_005223_Remote_Alarm_incl_Cable_10m_25m_web
005060 (replaces 005610)Leakage CircuitCircuits & filters
005067iOxy Vivo 50 Finger clip sensorMonitoring & sensors005067_005068_iOxy_Vivo50_incl_FingerClipSensor_FlexSensor_web
005068iOxy Vivo 50 Flex sensorMonitoring & sensors005067_005068_iOxy_Vivo50_incl_FingerClipSensor_FlexSensor_web
005092Isolated USB cable kitMonitoring & sensors004886_USB_Cable_A-B_web
005118 (replaces 005611)Patient circuit with active exhalation valve (disposable)Circuits & filters
005120T-Piece for oxygen sensorMonitoring & sensors05120-T-piece-for-oxygen-sensor-web
005128Oxygen cylinder holder for trolleyTrolley & fixtures
005129Basket for trolleyTrolley & fixtures005129-Basket-for-trolley-web
005130SpO2 Soft sensor (small)Monitoring & sensors005130_005131_005132-SpO2-soft-sensor-web
005131SpO2 Soft sensor (large)Monitoring & sensors005130_005131_005132-SpO2-soft-sensor-web
005132SpO2 Soft Sensor (medium)Monitoring & sensors005130_005131_005132-SpO2-soft-sensor-web
005189Click-on battery charger- USPower, batteries & cables(JP)_Charger_For_Li-Ion_Click-On_Battery_web
005189Click-on battery charger USPower, batteries & cables005186(EU)_005187(UK)_005188(AU)_005189(US)_005190(JP)_Charger_For_Li-Ion_Click-On_Battery_web
005223Remote alarm incl cable 25mAlarms005036_005223_Remote_Alarm_incl_Cable_10m_25m_web
005263CO2 Airway adapter Vivo 50, 25 pcs / boxMonitoring & sensors005263_CO2_airwayadapt_web
005432Power cord USPower, batteries & cables
005521Single Limb InsertCircuits & filters005521_Single_Limb_Insert_web
005523Dual Limb Insert Adult, disposableCircuits & filters005523_Adult_Insert_Disposable_web
005525Dual Limb Insert Pediatric, disposable Circuits & filters005525_Paediatric_Insert_Disposable_web
005610 - replaced by 005060Leakage CircuitCircuits & filters
005611 - replaced by 5118Patient circuit with active exhalation valve (disposable)Circuits & filters
005928Data monitoring software (memory stick)PC Software005100_Vivo50-60_PC_Software_web
006014Carry BagBags
006067Protective CoverBags
006093MPV Kit (contains 2 each, circuits, connectors, rings, mouthpieces, filters)Circuits & filters
006095MPV Flexible Arm AssemblyCircuits & filters
006172O2 SensorMonitoring & sensors
006179Ptc CO2 Cable SentecMonitoring & sensors
006265Click-in BatteryPower, batteries & cables
006344Protective cover (silver) (Function: to protect operating Vivo 50 or Vivo 65 ventilator)Bags
006346CO2 Sensor Vivo 65 & Vivo 45 LSMonitoring & sensors
006347FiO2 oxygen sensor with cableMonitoring & sensors
006348Remote alarm incl. 10 M cableMonitoring & sensors
006349Remote Alarm incl 25 M cable Monitoring & sensors
006362Nurse call cable Nc, 10 K OhmMonitoring & sensors
006363Nurse call cable No, 10 k OhmMonitoring & sensors
006364Nurse Call NCMonitoring & sensors
006365Nurse Call NOMonitoring & sensors
006369SpO2 module connection cable (need to add to one of the sensors)Monitoring & sensors
006396Power supply Vivo 45Power, batteries & cables
006435Air Cool Filter 5 packCircuits & filters
006589SpO2 Kit (Massimo) adult finger clipMonitoring & sensors
006590SpO2 Kit (Massimo) pediatric finger clipMonitoring & sensors
006591SpO2 Kit (Massimo) multi site sensorMonitoring & sensors
006649Remote Start/Stop, V45Power, batteries & cables
006653MPV Kit (Contains 2 each, circuits, connectors, rings, mouthpieces)Circuits & filters
006705Memory CardMonitoring & sensors
006711Cable, Y-adapter, Mains AC and External DC to VentilatorPower, batteries & cables
006761Trolley Mounting bracket (Vivo 45 LS)Trolley & fixtures
007064Air Bypass, Vivo 45Other
007067PC Software Vivo 45 LS (memory stick)PC Software
007103Filter, air inlet filter fine, Qty 5Circuits & filters
007104Filter, air inlet filter coarse, Qty 5Circuits & filters
007105Filter, cooling air, Qty 5Circuits & filters
007219Power Cord US - 12 ftPower, batteries & cables
007243Leak Port O.D. 22 mm (pack of 10)Circuits & filters
007299Vivo 45 LS Clinicians Guide, USManuals
007301Vivo 45 LS User Manual, USManuals
007384Trolley (includes basket. Mounting plates ordered separately)Trolley & fixtures
007387Patient Circuit with Active Exhalation Valve 22mmCircuits & filters
007518Light blue side panels (left and right)Other
007555Lightweight BagBag
00761522 mm Single lumen with leak port and filterCircuits & filters
00761622 mm Bifurcated lumen w active exhalation valve (interchangeable w/ 005118)Circuits & filters
00765312/24 V Car Adapter CablePower, batteries & cables
007654 Pilot Line ConnectorCircuits & filters
007671Xpac Cable Vivo45/NIPPY4 seriesPower Batteries and Cables
007727Power supply XpacPower Batteries and Cables
007732Battery Charger 2 BankPower, batteries & cables
007733Battery Charger 4 BankPower, batteries & cables
007804Xpac Cable Vivo 50/60 55/65Power Batteries and Cables
007806Xpac Unit (Spare)Power Batteries and Cables
007857Patient Circuit with Active Exhalation Valve 15mmCircuits & filters
007858Humidifier Rail ClampTrolley & fixtures
007859IV Pole for TrolleyTrolley & fixtures
007916Mounting bracketTrolley & fixtures
007917Patient circuit arm holderTrolley & fixtures
007924Xpac Cable Vivo 30/40Power Batteries and Cables
007932Xpac Carry BagPower Batteries and Cables
007936Patient Circuit with Bacterial/Viral Filter (no leak port) 22mmCircuits & filters
007994Breas Xpac (Single) USPower Batteries and Cables
007998Breas Xpac (Dual) USPower Batteries and Cables
0084362 m USB Cable- Micro for Vivo 45 LSPower, batteries & cables
008521Extended Life batteryPower Batteries and Cables
009021Xpac Lids ( 2 p as Spare)Power Batteries and Cables
009024Power Cord USPower, batteries & cables
211016HA 01 US HumidifierHumidification211016-HA01-US-Humidifier-web