What does Z2 come with?

The Z2 system includes: Z2 device, tube adapter, 4 ft. slim-style tube, power supply cord, custom USB cable, HME (travel humidifier), 2 air filters, a Qtube, the User Manual, and the Getting Started Guide. It does not come with a mask. Most people use the mask they are already comfortable with.

What is the warranty on the Z2?

The warranty on the Z2 is two years from the date the patient purchased the unit from the reseller, with their receipt.  If the patient does not have a receipt, the warranty period starts from the time the DME purchased the device plus a two-month grace period.

Do I need to upgrade my firmware?

Z2 Auto Firmware for iPhone 11 Users Trying to Connect to Nitelog June 1, 2020 – Breas Medical announces the release of Z2 Auto Firmware The new firmware corrects a connection issue between the iPhone 11 and the Z1 and Z2 Autos to Nitelog for devices manufactured before June 2020. Only these patients need…

How do I change the ramp start pressure?

Hold the DOWN arrow button until a pressure reads (will be flashing). Use the UP and DOWN arrow to adjust the pressure and then hold down the middle power button until you see the word “accept” on the LCD screen. Please note: you must set the ramp time before setting the ramp pressure. If the…

How do I change the ramp setting?

Hold down the UP arrow until 00 minutes is flashing. Use the UP and DOWN arrows to choose the time you would like (5 minutes, 10 minutes etc.). Once your desired time is selected and flashing hold down the middle power button until the LCD screen reads “accept” (LCD screen should now show a bar…