You can change the date and time on your Z1 or Z2 Auto, by connecting it to our Nitelog app on an iPhone/iPad or most Android devices. The app should prompt you to sync to the local date and time upon start up. If it does not, or if you accidentally hit “no” when prompted, swipe left at the main screen (that shows your Z1/Z2 screen) to access the settings menu. You can manually adjust the date and time on this page.

You can also use the Z1 Auto Firmware Upgrade program on a PC computer to adjust the date and time. Download the upgrade at the following link:

Plug the Z1 Auto into a power source, and connect it to the PC using the USB-micro USB that was included in the Z1 box. Use the “Set Date and Time” button to adjust the date and time. Do not upgrade the firmware unless you are sure it is out of date.