Please follow the steps below to connect to the Nitelog App.

  • Nitelog only works with the Z1 Auto and Z2 Auto. Verify that they have the Auto (black) and not the CPAP (white)
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on in your phone.
  • Download Nitelog from the app store onto an iOS (Apple) mobile device (iPhone or IPad), or Google Play store for Android phone or tablet. (Nitelog must be one word).
  • Fill in your name under the Legal Disclaimer form, if you want your name on the compliance reports so you can send them to your healthcare provider. If not, you can remain anonymous.
  • Read the document (software end-user license agreement) and click on “I agree” if you accept.
  • Open the application, and press on the plus sign (+) in the top left-hand corner.
  • An option will appear that reads Z1 with four digits after it (example: Z1 1234). The 4 digits are the last 4 digits of the (S/N) serial number shown on the back of the unit.
  • Click on the white bar that shows “Z1 XXXX” (last 4 digits of serial #) to the left of the word “disconnect” to sync the device. The disconnect button is used if you no longer want to pair with the device after connecting.
  • It will then ask you to “enter your password”. Click on update password and enter any 4–8 digit number.  This is so others cannot pair with your device and see your data.  If you forget your password, click on update password to reset.
  • After saving the password, there will be a 20 second countdown on your phone and Z1. Hold down the middle power button of the Z1 during the 20 second countdown to pair the Z1 and phone.
  • A message will appear asking if you would like to change the time to your local time zone. Make sure you set your time zone to ensure the data is accurately recorded.

Use this link to download the Nitelog user guides:

You can also find a video showing the process above on this page: