Z-Breathe is a proprietary algorithm engineered in the Z2 to smooth out the breathing cycle while enjoying the benefits of CPAP treatment. Typically users experience pressure swings while breathing on a CPAP device. Pressure swings occur as a spike in pressure during exhalation and a drop in pressure during inhalation. Z-Breathe is designed to minimize the impact of spikes and drops while keeping the pressure constant, thereby delivering more comfortable therapy.

Pressure swings can vary between users due to lung capacity and other factors. For this reason we have created 3 levels of Z-Breathe to accommodate individual users’ preferences:

— 1 offers mild pressure swing relief

— 2 is the Default Setting and offers moderate pressure swing relief

— 3 is the most aggressive setting for pressure swing relief

To change the Z-Breathe setting on your device, start with the unit in standby mode (reading 0.0 for the pressure). Simultaneously hold down the UP and DOWN arrow buttons until APAP or CPAP-2 is flashing.  Use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to adjust the setting and hold down the MIDDLE power button until you see the word ACCEPT on your screen. The unit will then return to standby mode.