Vivo 65 – Case Report

Vivo 65 improves long-term non-invasive ventilation in a 17 year old patient with Rett syndrome.

Michael Cooper, RT

Chicago, IL

“Within a few weeks this remarkable ventilator has improved the patient’s quality of life.”


Using the Vivo 50

Reducing hospital readmissions with NIV and End Tidal CO2 in COPD patients at home

Wesley Arnold, RRT, Michael Bowen, RRT

“When clinicians utilize EtCO2 in the home setting, less hospitalizations occur.”


Vivo 50 – Case Report

Application of mouthpiece ventilation (MPV) in a patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Ingo Berweiler

Respiratory therapist (DGP)

Krankenhaus vom Roten Kreuz Bad Cannstatt GmbH

“The possibility of setting different ventilation profiles on the Vivo 50 has resulted in a considerable subjective improvement in the ventilation situation, as well as in the quality of life and safety of the patient.”


Usage of the Vivo 50 for Cystic Fibrosis patients at home:

The All Wales Adult CF Centre’s experience

Rebekah Mills-Bennett MSc BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP

Team Lead Physiotherapist All Wales Adult CF Centre

University Hospital Llandough, Cardiff

“The usage of profiles allow for a usage with a mouthpiece on one setting and for non-invasive ventilation via a suitable interface in another setting.”


Usage of the Vivo 60

Pediatric long-term ventilation in Guillain-Barre‘ syndrome due to HSV1 infection: a case report

Chidini Giovanna*, MD, Napolitano Luisa*,

MD, Bellinati Jacopo**, Lampati Laura*, MD*

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Fondazione IRCCS

Ca’Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico.

Milan Italy, ** Medicair Italy.

“The baby was successfully ventilated via the tracheostomy tube with a Vivo 60 ventilator”


Interest of EtCO2 monitoring with the Vivo 50 by comparing it to transcutaneous capnography (TOSCA 500) and capillary PaCO2

Dr Christine Cheval

Hôpital San Salvadour, Hyéres, France